The owner began his venture into the professional realm in the late 1990s. While maintaining systems for a nearby sheriff’s department and building systems for a police department, Peter, the company’s owner, designed a CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department in 1998. A few years later, Peter created a mobile mug shot program for the Centralia Police Department.

Things just grew from that point. Hubtech Computer Solutions, still a part-time venture, was started in 2000 in rural Jefferson County, IL. After the programming venture, networking, domains, and PC maintenance were the primary scope of the company. In the owner’s programming world, developments were made in Peter’s CAD program to integrate with 911 systems and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). In 2010, the first mapping product was designed for 911 integration. The company began to take on another new venture of creating maps, including street layers, railroad layers, emergency service zones, etc.

Through all this, networking, firewalls, and backup systems were still being designed, installed, and maintained.

HUBTECH was incorporated in 2021. The company’s president felt it was time to grow the company more after serving as full-time systems administrator for seven years in Randolph County, Illinois. Today, it’s a company that offers GIS & mapping support, firewalls & networking, active directory, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, security camera systems, and many more services for several businesses.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better. Our professional teams look forward to serving you!